An occasional collection of vignettes from events and public meetings in Warren County that never make it into news stories because…well, you’ll see.

Not ready

For the first time that the newsroom can recall, there was a no vote on a motion to adjourn at a recent meeting. “I had more to say,” the official voting against ending the meeting, which had already gone on for an hour-and-a-half, said.

Oh, not you

Sometimes, English is a funny language. When I got home from work one day, I told my family about the start of it. I had taxied a committee member to the meeting before sitting on a wooden picnic table bench for almost two hours. It was 80 degrees. The sun started beating on my back after about half an hour. “How old was he?” The interruption took a moment to sink in.

Welcome to stay

Oftentimes, those who attend public meetings are really only there for one issue. Some folks who are not frequent attendees look like they feel obligated to stay, even if their role is played early on. At a recent meeting, perhaps knowing how long the balance of the meeting might take, the elected officials gave some visitors an out. “We would not consider it rude if you left at this point.”

Not half-full

During a discussion of population in Warren County School District, experts were talking about the bell curve. While the point was that our population decline may have hit the end of the curve and the associated plateau, “tapering off into infinity” just doesn’t sound like a positive outlook.


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