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Downward spiral

Dear Editor,

All one has to do is look at how far this country has depreciated under the Biden administration, and we’ll see how an inept individual can destroy a nation in less than three years. Is this what Joe Biden supporters expected to get for their votes? I don’t believe it is.

This debacle is what happens when the government and media are complicit in the way they hide his inability to govern and the dubious entities surrounding his family.

His desire to be president has been more important than what is best for the people of this country. Why he hasn’t been impeached for everything he has done to destroy this country is beyond comprehension. The socialist-Democrats have a great fear of Donald Trump; they are still manipulating whoever they can to ensure Trump is unable to run for president. Just look at the country prior to COVID. There was no inflation, low gas prices, energy independence, less crime, relative peace in the Middle East, and our southern border was being closed, working the way it should. Under Biden everything was turned around; we are more divided, and the country is in upheaval.

The world is filled with terror, and it appears there is no fear of the United States and its capabilities. Like us, foreign leaders see a weak and frail man trying to be a leader. Biden is destroying whatever vestige of U.S. dominance that remains. His border policies have opened this country to possible terror attacks from within. To think that a minimum of 8 million immigrants have come illegally is unconscionable. Biden’s advisers have all they can do to keep him afloat in what he says and does; even so, his speeches are overloaded with lies. One wonders how he can go to Delaware week after week while so much in Washington needs his attention. Is it possible that his “handlers” want him away from the White House, so they can get a break from the gaffes that happen all too frequently?.

This administration keeps telling us that the economy is doing well, that unemployment is low. If that is really the case, why is the border still broken allowing more and more undocumented illegals into a country that at some point won’t have jobs they would be qualified to fill? Once they disappear into the interior more than likely they’ll never be found and sent back to the country from which they came. That will lead to more individuals, not even citizens, getting welfare benefits they don’t deserve all because they broke the law to get into the country and now have no means of taking care of themselves.

It’s time that Biden actually does the right thing, and that is to bow out of contention for another term as president. By doing that he would show he actually cares about this country and is willing to let someone else do what he is unable to do: lead and inspire the people of this country who expect and deserve a real Commander-in-Chief in the oval office. Democrats need to get their heads out of the sand and demand someone else be the standard bearer for their party. In that way we might have a chance for survival.

Norma Bankoske,


Missing discipline

Dear Editor,

After reading the article “disruptions” in the Times Observer, I feel compelled to respond. This isn’t a problem just in Warren County, it’s a problem throughout the entire United States. In my opinion the last two generations of young parents are missing their chance to have a positive impact on their children. It is their responsibility to teach their children one very important and life enhancing value, Self-Discipline.

I have heard stories of students biting, spitting, cussing and threatening teachers in the school. Every one of these incidents should be answered by “expulsion.” No teacher should be subject to this kind of action. In some respects, it all starts at home. If parents don’t enforce rules and stand together on strict punishment then they are not providing the child with very important guidance through life.

I am not saying punishment that is “child abuse” should be used in any fashion but punishment holding the child accountable for their actions should be part of their lifestyle. My grandfather told me something that I never forgot, “You and only you are responsible for every decision you make.”

Electronic devices are not the answer to giving parents the ability to keep their children engaged in life’s responsibilities. Once again Self-Discipline is a very important necessity and it has to be taught by the parents.

Terry Campbell,



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