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Absence of sanity

Dear Editor,

Israel Apartheid. This is the biggest fallacy ever to be pinned on Israel. While the world gets to view the barbaric actions of this terrorist group, shameful students from what were once outstanding schools of higher learning turn to the streets in protest of Israel to defend themselves.

The comment made earlier in this column about jackbooted Israel comes from the same mindset of pre-World War II Nazi Germany. Yes, they may exercise their freedom of speech, no matter how blind their eyes are to the truth.

Never mind that the terrorists slaughtered babies, children, old men and women who were defenseless to fight back. These are not the actions of soldiers, these are the actions of murderous cowards. Something has happened to the mindset of America.

It’s like an entire generation has taken a leave of absence from sanity, and this ideology has crept into schools, politics, the home, and even churches, hypocritically espousing their inclusion doctrine, yet being selective with their misunderstanding of the Biblical word compassion.

Without argument, Israel belongs to the Jews. All of it. God said so. That means that it nullifies any so-called two state solution.

No country has the right to slice up the Holy Land in sections and give it to other peoples. Living peaceably inside the borders of Israel is one thing, but the radicals don’t want to live peaceably. That’s not their agenda.

Apartheid? It’s the discriminatory Muslims and hatred toward a people even by ignorant and unlearned Americans that only want their extermination.

Nazi Germany sought their extinction too, but as historical and Biblical records show us, the Jews have stood on the graves of every nation that has tried to eliminate them.

Any nation or terrorist organization who goes up against Israel has nothing to look forward to except defeat.

The Almighty Creator God keeps Israel. In the Book of Genesis, God said, “I will bless them that bless thee, and curse him that curseth thee.”

There is no debate over whose land this is when the Holy Scriptures declare who it belongs to.

We stand with Israel.

Pastor Neal Arthur,

Victory Baptist Church,



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