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Reality of a crisis

Dear Editor,

Seeing 2,977 little flags as I passed the Starbrick Cemetery, reminded me of those who died on 9/11. It actually sent a chill through me as I remembered the latest report from our southern border. If a handful of evil terrorist could pull off such a terrible crime against the U.S., what could (1,500,000) “gotaways” do? “Gotaways” are not sneaking in to share the American Dream. They want to cash in on “Biden’s Free Everything Plan” or perhaps attack us from within. Isn’t that what happened in 9/11? Have we learned nothing?

A few day ago, Israel was attacked by Hezbollah rockets from Gaza accompanied by implanted Hamas Operatives who killed, raped, mutilated any man woman or child they could find. Israel had a controlled border! Yet, evil prevailed! Can you imagine what Our border “gotaways” who are entrenched in every state of the Union could do here?

Biden and his Border Action Department (BAD) are the planners, perpetrators, and executors of the Border Crisis. (6,547,514) people have entered our country illegally since 2021, and where are they? Where are the 150 who were identified from the Terrorist Wanted List? We have immigration laws! Why is Biden not honoring his oath to enforce those laws?

Some 9,000 pounds of Fentanyl were seized in four months, raising the question, “How much of that poison ‘gotaway?’ “ Trump promised tariffs on China if they didn’t stop sending the raw materials to Mexico. Why was that agreement canceled? Could it be that Joe was compromised by all of the cash he and his family received from the Chinese Communist Party?

Trains filled with illegals are on the way here via Mexico. Agents were spread along the Eagle Pass border to catch the cartels, MS13, & smugglers, but had to be called in to process the new law breakers. That left 60 miles of border wide open making the cartels the happiest criminals on the planet.

Attention funeral directors in all States! Be prepared for even greater numbers of fentanyl deaths! Also, we, the people, need to pray to God that the “gotaways” don’t pull an Israeli “copycat” attack on the United States.

Why? Because, Biden has depleted our oil reserves, given our military-readiness equipment to Ukraine, left billions of our advanced arsenal to the Taliban to use or sell to our enemies, and given $6 billion to Iran. How dumb do you have to be to believe that they will spend that money on food and meds? With Biden in charge, what could go wrong?

Joanne Oviatt


Fight for freedom?

Dear Editor,

Jolly good thing that the French were more steadfast in supporting America’s fight for freedom than we’re proving in Ukraine. We seem to have forgotten that there were more French troops than American troops facing the British at Yorktown, and it was a French fleet blocking British reinforcements.

If freedom is not really that important to the U.S. — and given our stance protecting Israel’s jackboot occupation of Palestinian homelands, maybe it isn’t — perhaps we should stop all our preaching to the world about its importance?

Pete Westover,



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