Readers Speak

Steps against Alzheimer’s

Dear Editor,

The Alzheimer’s Association Walk to End Alzheimer’s is the world’s largest event to raise awareness and funds for Alzheimer’s care, support and research. Join us for the Warren Walk to End Alzheimer’s on Sept. 16 at Betts Park as we come together as a community to fight the disease, honor loved ones and advocate for a world without Alzheimer’s and all other dementia.

By joining the Walk to End Alzheimer’s, you’re helping to provide care and support for the more than 6 million Americans living with Alzheimer’s disease and over 11 million family and friends providing unpaid care. In Pennsylvania, there are more than 280,000 people living with Alzheimer’s disease or another dementia and over 400,000 caregivers.

Your participation in The Walk to End Alzheimer’s invests in promising research and supports our work to ensure access to treatments for all who could benefit.

We’re closer than ever to stopping Alzheimer’s. But to get there, we need you. Join us for the world’s largest fundraiser to fight the disease. Register today at alz.org/gpawalk.

Greg Austin and John Papalia,

Warren Walk to End Alzheimer’s co-chairs

Blighted property

Dear Editor,

I am writing to express my deep concern about the deteriorating condition of the property located at 300 Hill St. in Warren. This house has been vacant for more than four years and, even more distressingly, has been without water service for the past two years. This unfortunate situation has not only taken a toll on the property itself but also on the entire neighborhood.

A home without access to essential utilities such as water and sewer services is more than just an eyesore; it’s a blighted property that negatively impacts the entire community. Such properties can become breeding grounds for pests, pose fire hazards, and contribute to the overall decline of the neighborhood’s aesthetic and economic value.

I applaud the efforts of the city of Warren’s Code Enforcement Department for taking the necessary steps to condemn this property on Feb. 13, in accordance with City Property Code Ordinance 1830, as amended by 1908. This decisive action reflects the dedication of the Code Enforcement Department to upholding the standards of our city and ensuring the welfare of its residents.

The Blighted Property Review Committee plays a pivotal role in supporting the efforts of the Code Enforcement Department, working hand in hand to enforce regulations and guidelines that maintain the integrity of our neighborhoods.

To effectively combat blight and prevent its spread, it is crucial that the Blighted Property Review Committee fully supports the Code Enforcement Department in its mission.

It is time for the Blighted Property Review Commitee to render a first declaration of blight on the property located at 300 Hill St. This declaration can act as a catalyst for action, bringing together resources and attention to revitalize and restore properties that have fallen into disrepair.

By swiftly addressing this issue, they will send a clear message that they value our city’s appearance, health, and the well-being of its residents. Such action will also serve as a deterrent to other neglectful property owners in the future.

Tim Huber,



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