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Missing broadband

Dear Editor,

Well I just returned from the third PA Broadband Authority Community Meeting. There was one in Ridgeway and Franklin in the fall, Wellsboro in June, and the most recent was in Port Allegheny. No representatives from Warren County at any of them. Today Rep. Martin Causer, McKean Commisioner, and several local township supervisors attended.

They answered many questions about the Broadband Infrastructure Grant Program with the deadline Aug 9. I don’t think $2 billion is going to go too far divided by 67 counties. The maximum grant amount is $10 million. Counties with a plan will get priority.

Do we have a plan? I haven’t heard anything since the county hired a broadband consultant. You would think they would get imput from the residents too create a plan.

The next Community Meeting of the PA Broadband Authority will be at the 4-H Fairgrounds in Franklin on Monday.

Gregory Burkett,


Muddying the waters

Dear Editor,

To be clear, both parties have been known to conceal truth from the public, but nobody lies like a Republican.

Going back to the Nixon years and the Watergate scandal, the Bush years and the “Weapons of Mass Destruction” scandal to the Trump years when almost everything out of his mouth is not true.

But the Trump years are exception in that whenever he called something a hoax, you could count on it being fact. Examples include: COVID is a hoax and global warming is a hoax.

We’ve never had several national news networks supporting and spreading these lies before! The results have divided us as a nation and severely damaged our reputation worldwide. The evidence is right in front of our faces.

Look back at the turmoil of the Trump years and where we are today.

Allan Gustafson,


Taking a stand

Dear Editor,

This is for the United Methodist Churches that came out of the denomination they were in and did not want to legalize their churches for homosexuality marriages. I say one big good for you. I am so flgad you stood your ground on this.

I congratulate you and am proud of you.

Sharon Bennett,


Why tattle on youth?

Dear Editor,

My grandson and a few of his friends have started a video podcast of their adventures on one of the islands on the river here in town. They contacted the city before started this. They have been clearing brush that is already on the ground. They are not cutting down any trees or doing any damage.

From their first episode, the complainers started commenting about this being illega. Frankly, I was thrilled to see these youth playing outside like the kids of yesteryear, and not hiding in the house rotting away playing video games. Recently, the police were called and had to waste their time answering the complainer’s call. What is wrong with these people? Does it make them feel big and important?

I went through the same thing several years ago with the city burning ordinance. I eventually took the “complainer” to the council to get it resolved. I will do it again if need be to defend these kids. They are doing nothing illegal.

Let them play and be kids. Worry about the sorry state of our country — and not a couple kids enjoying outside play and doing no harm!

Carole Stewart,



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