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Values in choosing

Dear Editor,

As we approach a crucial election in our country, I am reminded how much we have strayed from documents meant to lead and protect us.

Jehovah God gave us a manual of instructions by which to live; by following His laws and precepts we have the route to happiness and life on earth and in Heaven.

Many of God’s truths in the Bible are now being usurped by man’s truths, and we see where that has taken us, especially in the last two years. Our Constitution, founded by God fearing men, is being assaulted and pummeled, for man’s truth, as well.

The “leaders” who have sworn to uphold the tenets of this thoughtfully written document choose to ignore or bypass it, and our government is being destroyed by those who want power over truth and justice; who will indoctrinate its youth, and destroy the family unit. In the wake of this carnage, God’s principles and those set forth in our Constitution, are being shaken and dismantled for ideologies that will lead us into destruction.

Each person has one vote and must decide what values are important to his/her ideals and philosophy. In this election we don’t need to follow the party for which we are affiliated. We can cross lines to elect someone whose values mirror our own. Our country’s future depends on this: thoughtful, caring citizens.

Norma Bankoske,


Too loyal to party

Dear Editor,

As we go to the polls this November, let’s hope that all 15th Legislative District voters remember that Congressman Glenn T. Thompson participated in the coup attempt after the 2020 election. Thompson called for all the votes for president in Georgia, Michigan, Pennsylvania, and Wisconsin — states that were narrowly won by Democrats — to be discarded, in order to change the outcome of the election, based on lies and a preposterous legal argument which the Supreme Court rejected.

Thompson had no objection to the votes he received however. Same day, same ballot. Votes for Democrats should be discarded says Thompson, but votes for Thompson are OK. Seems GT has taken a page from Putin’s playbook.

Then, in a glaring display of disregard for election integrity, an unrepentant Thompson voted against HR1, which would provide common sense improvements to strengthen voter access, election integrity and security, campaign finance and ethics. Thompson is an affront to the safety and security of our democracy.

Fortunately, we have a choice this year. Mike Molesevich, a lifelong resident of rural Pennsylvania, is prepared represent us in Congress with honesty and integrity.

Neil Himber,


Voting makes a difference

Dear Editor,

I wish to comment on three pieces that appeared Oct. 29 and 31. A letter headlined “Fetterman is not a ‘damaged’ leader” says it all. He is not a leader! Read his bio. As mayor of Braddock, a small town near Pittsburgh, he led them right into the ditch with high crime and no economic plan.

Fetterman has no success record at anything. As lieutenant governor, he only attended about one-third of the meetings that where his responsibility and voted 25 times to release dangerous criminals.

He had a stroke. I would not wish that on anyone and hope he recovers completely. We should not vote for him because of the stroke. We should not vote for him because of the policies that he has championed his whole life. They are: decriminalizing drugs, providing safe injection sites, the release of some prisoners, reform of bail and others. Please do not allow this person anywhere near Washington, D.C. He is not a leader.

Another article, “Religious liberty again under attack by elites” provides some background history of the nations Catholic hospitals and long-term health care facilities. “Statistics show that 1 in 7 patients in the U.S. are cared for in the 600 Catholic Hospitals and 1,500 Long-term Care units.” That is a good thing, Right? Well, the cultural elite have always felt that such organizations were a threat to their power. This is more evidence of the current war against the freedom of religion.

Finally, in an interview with Josh Shapiro, Democratic candidate for Pennsylvania goveror,who supports the same bag of policies that Fetterman backs. Shapiro also — days before the election — comes out with a plan to reduce taxes. How convenient is that? Democrats never met a tax they didn’t like or tax increase that they can weasel into law.

If you don’t vote, you can’t complain. Your vote and your mouth are your only tools to ensure freedom. Please use them both.

Joanne Oviatt,


Rural residents need voice

Dear Editor,

On Tuesday, the residents get to participate in one of our more intimate functions of a Representative Republic. We get to vote for people to be our voice in various levels of the Commonwealth.

We do not need Non-Governmental Organization, masquarding as our saviors, to lead us down a yellow brick road.

We do not live in a collective, we live in communities. We need our communities — not central planning. There are plans in the works to eliminate small governmental groups. And regional governmental authority. That will be the rebirth of fiefdom. The primary goal of rural communities should be saving our position in this Representative Republic and the Commonwealth.

Harry Anderson,



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