Worthy collaboration

Dear Editor,

As a former Warren city councilwoman, I am most concerned that the current council is considering voting against a more formal Council of Governments agreement.

When I was attending the Warren County Intergovernmental Council of Governments meetings it was in an attempt to eliminate the “us against them” mindset of city against county municipalities.

The Council of Governments is a volunteer group of township supervisors, borough council members, city council members, county commissioners and officials gathering monthly to work cooperatively on issues important to all municipalities. It was a way to join forces for sharing best practices, regional planning, joint purchasing and sharing of materials and equipment, and later to convey to state and national leaders legislation to save taxes and benefit all the council participants and its citizens.

The COG addressed gaps in services such as EMT, E911, fire services and addresses common challenges such as Y2K, COVID, etc.

These and much more have been accomplished in the 20-plus years of its existence. In these times of tight money there is power in numbers when collaboration takes place and the results have a much better chance of success.

Please try to come to a judicious compromise for the best of all Council of Government members. And if your township, county, city or borough leaders are not attending this valuable monthly meeting, encourage them to do so.

Karen Davis,



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