On right track

Dear Editor,

Listening to Donald Trump at a recent rally for gubernatorial candidate Doug Mastriano, I was reminded of Trump’s strengths as our president. He cares about this country, he cares about the average American, he cares about unborn babies. And his policies showed that his actions backed up his words. Under Trump’s leadership America was energy independent, deregulation encouraged small businesses, low gas prices helped the working class, unemployment was low, and the southern border was being secured.

We need men like Mastriano and Trump. Men who want what is good for the nation and “we the people.” Also, women like Marjorie Taylor Greene and Winsome Sears who understand our need for justice and free and fair elections and our constitution-given rights as American citizens(read the Bill of Rights.

America has lost her way and I pray we will seek God’s truth and wisdom. Jesus said, “I am the way, the truth and the life”) to restore our nation to a path of goodness and rightness, and return to William Penn’s vision for a “holy experiment.”

Catherine Hagberg,



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