God’s Word matters most

Dear Editor,

As I was reading the story in the Sept. 3 edition, I became curious about a couple of things.

Have differences in the church now become front-page news in the local newspaper? But more importantly, since when does the Word of God come up for a vote? If they were knowledgeable in the Scriptures, they would know better. These things ought not to be.

The bishop’s tragic error was when she used the analogy concerning the parting of ways between the apostle Paul and Barnabus in the book of Acts, chapter 15. Yes, Paul and Barnabus separated, but it had nothing to do with arguing about what was sin, and what was not.

There is no debating where God’s Word is written in stone about sin. How terrible it is to be outside the will of God regarding the Holy Scriptures. God wants a separate and holy people. What use to God are lukewarm, nominal “professing” believers who conform to the world’s standards? The world has little, if any, controversy with the church of this generation.

The professing church should wake up and realize its duty in the world, and that is pointing the lost to God’s only begotten Son, Jesus Christ. God doesn’t wink at sin nor compromise with sin. Christ died a cruel death for the sins of mankind, that man may repent (turn) from those very sins and come to God for forgiveness. No denomination and their by-laws trump the Word of God, no matter what any general conference or congregational vote says.

May God help America.

Pastor Neal Arthur,

Victory Baptist Church,



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