A mixed message

Dear Editor,

The Small Business Administration provides data on lender-approved loans under the Paycheck Protection Program. The data includes names of the individuals and business’s who have received loans, the amount of the loan, and the date forgiven, if applicable.

A review of the SBA site reveals that a local construction company received more than $1 million in hefty program payments — more than enough cash to buy his electronic sign to blame President Biden for inflation and the world’s problems. Fund for another local business was less but ample enough to acquire a large Trump sign. These loans were later forgiven by the way. The program was designed to keep staff on payrolls during COVID, stave off a recession, and keep companies afloat. It’s evident that these folks have no qualms about ‘“feeding at the public trough” despite their rhetoric condemning government assistance. I guess some socialism is not a bad thing, if such helps them.

To add insult to injury, Rep Mike Kelly received program monies — estimated between $450,000 to $1.05 million, all “forgiven” as well. Kelly voted against H. R. 6782 requiring public disclosure of companies receiving PPP monies. Kelly, this month, chided Biden’s Student Debt Forgiveness Action as “bad policy” and “unfair to plumbers, etc.”

Talk about hypocrisy. Guess you believe socialism for your gain ain’t so bad after all

Margaret Himber,



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