Vote for values

Dear Editor,

Everyone who has thoughts about the government and what we see taking place has the same conclusion: vote in the coming election.

The solution to the chaos we see is that each voter take the time to know the issues and how to determine what is seen as the desired outcome.

We have many choices as citizens:

¯ If you like open borders with death and destruction reining its ugly head in our country, abortion-even as late as birth, inflation, high gas prices at the pump and in the home, weakened military, rampant corruption in the high offices, police polarized and criminals treated with more empathy than the victims, parents denigrated for insisting they have some control in what their children learn, government ideology that tries to take the place of the home in teaching vulnerable children sexual ideas they don’t comprehend, then choose to keep the democrat-socialist leaders in place.

¯ If you want closed borders and immigrants allowed to enter in an orderly fashion, abortion laws determined on a state by state level where it has always belonged, energy independence, where we produce what we need here — not groveling to foreign entities for the product we can produce cleaner and better than what they offer, policemen able to do their jobs and criminals then prosecuted to the full extent of the law, lowered inflation, parental input in their child’s education, less government control in our lives, then choose a republican candidate that will produce those outcomes.

It is important that each individual determines as a voter what he/she wants to see in this country. The lines are sharply drawn; the main thing is to think and act responsibily by not voting one way or the other because “I’ve always been a Democrat,” or “I’ve always been a Republican.” Titles should not determine how a vote is cast. Values and ideals should be uppermost, so each individual and family can prosper and thrive in our country.

Norma Bankoske,



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