Readers Speak

Rewards in Warren

Dear Editor,

I’d like to applaud the efforts of Pat Hackett and the Allegheny River Monsters cast and crew for doing such a beautiful and beneficial event for Warren. Being in Nashville, I was unable to attend but was just so proud to see.

It was a great way for people to come together and share the magic that is music and doubly so for the proceeds to go to such a great cause. Keeping music and arts in schools is so important and so pivotal in children’s development and maturation. So many good deeds go unrewarded and I just didn’t want to let this one slip through the cracks. Good on you Pat!

Jim Reilley

Nashville, Tenn.

Is there free speech?

Dear Editor,

I thought I would comment on a recent view (July 18) on the Elon Musk free speech issue and ask that if the entities like Twitter or Fox News or the Joe Rogan Podcast are privately owned and have discretion over content they produce or air, then where is free speech really? If that is the case there is not really free speech at all anywhere in social media, TV, The Washington Post, The New York Times, Facebook, or even this newspaper as all are privately owned.

Does free speech exist in our society? I got the impression from Musk’s original comments on buying it that all he was trying to do was create a level playing field of speech being equal for everyone that is out there having a comment on a particular issue. I could be way off base in my understanding of the editorial.

If anybody could explain it, I would appreciate it.

Dan Tassone


Market needs support

Dear Editor,

If you have not recently visited the Warren Farmers’ Market, I would like to encourage you to show up on a Saturday morning, 8 a.m. until noon.

The atmosphere of the market is always welcoming. I love the experience, mostly because I enjoy talking with all of the wonderful vendors. It is great to catch up with familiar faces from the past seasons and meet new people. The conversations, laughter and of course shopping brighten the day.

Each week is a new experience with the harvested foods. There is an array of fresh produce, flowers and homemade items.

A huge thank you to each vendor who comes to the market!

I truly hope that as a community, Warren will support the Farmers’ Market so that it thrives.

Ann Wallin,



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