Jan. 6 was not OK

Dear Editor,

This letter is in response to one of the way-too-often letter writers.

A recent letter stated that the Jan. 6 committee is just there to try to deflect how bad President Joe Biden is doing. And I will agree that he isn’t doing a good job at all. However, the Jan. 6 committee is not about deflection. It’s about an angry mob that tried to violently overthrow the government. Trump supporters still just can’t admit this to themselves.

I’m really not sure what kind of alternate reality Trump supporters live in, but It’s not the real world. They seem to be OK with the fact that people were injured and some died by the hands of a mob that was simply lied to. Trump has done so much better a job than Jim Jones in getting people to drink the kool-aid. And comparing him to a cult leader is not that far off.

His supporters claim that moderate Republicans are RINOs, yet it’s the opposite. His supporters don’t care about being Republicans, they care about blindly following Trump no matter what outrageous things he says. It’s mind-numbingly stunning.

With that being said, and assuming the average intelligence level of most of his followers and the fact that they like to scream about everything, I’m going to write this next part slowly and all in caps in the hopes they might understand it.

Nothing was stolen. There was no fraud. Trump and others indicted a mob to overthrow the government based on nothing but lies. Police officers were injured and died. Those responsible need to be held accountable.

There, I hope this clears thing up.

Joe Johansson,



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