Family matters

Dear Editor,

Have we had enough? Mass shootings daily, abortion debate, hate, violent movies and what else? When can we start thinking about solving the basic problem? Possibly today!

Back to back issues of the Times Observer on June 1 and June 2 supply the major supply of ammunition needed to stop the degradation of America. A cartoon in first issue by Stiglich is headed, “Good Parenting in America” and the following day a column by Star Parker entitled, “Gun laws will not fix a problem of culture and spirit” prompted by an article in the Wall Street Journal pointing to our problems as signs of a “Social and Spiritual” problem in the country. “The rise of family dysfunction and the decline of mediating institutions such as churches and social clubs have consequences.”

As readers of Readers Speak in the Times-Observer, you may still be aware of my behavior and belief. All things and thoughts are family based. Evil prevails if not overcome by good. With more than 50% of children born in the United States today without traditional family support, what do we expect? This has been a strong influence for two generations and continuing without any remedial discussion, let alone action. What do we expect?

Family restoration is a long term project needing institutional assistance universally applied to all people of our great nation. From George Washington’s initial mandate in his Farewell Address through Martin Luther King and similar edicts, will it ever happen? Maybe today!

Charles S. Merroth,



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