Protecting the innocent

Dear Editor,

Recently I traveled to Harrisburg for a meeting with the U.S. Rep. Kathy Rapp to discuss possible legislation of benefit to women, children, and infants of Pennsylvania.

As chair of the House Health Committee, Rep. Rapp has complete discretion over which bills are promoted versus which lie dormant until they die. Given Rep. Rapp’s position and long track record of valuing life I am hopeful bills such as Fighting Maternal Morbidity and Mortality (HB 1174) and Universal Maternal Home Visiting (HB 227) will be vigorously supported and passed by the House Health Committee. I believe with the legislature’s help these bills would contribute greatly to the promotion of healthy lives for Pennsylvania’s infants and moms.

I urge Rep. Rapp and the Legislature to protect and support babies both before and after birth.

Elizabeth Perkins,


Unitarian Universalist Justice Pennsylvania


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