We need normalcy

Dear Editor,

Norway ended COVID-19 restrictions on Sept. 25. COVID is considered a respiratory disease with seasonal variation. Its prime minister said it was time to return to a normal life.

Restrictions lifted: social distancing, sports, cultural venues, restaurants and nightclubs reopen to full capacity.

Sweden removed its restrictions on Sept. 29 to include restaurants, theaters, and stadiums. Sweden never closed its schools.

Over a year ago, there were many unknowns about COVID. Today, we know those under 20 years of age are little affected, those over 65 constitute 80% of COVID deaths, and 99% of those who contract COVID survive.

It is past time to stop the politicization of COVID and return to normal here in the U.S. There has been tremendous damage done to our country and its people from the panic instilled by politicians.

Stop the mandates that ruin the lives of those who stood out by standing up during the crisis. Return to normal.

Daniel Reiff,



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