Still at war with COVID

Dear Editor,

U.S patriots on various battlefields have had to dodge long, nasty bayonets. Presently, some folks seem to think it is patriotic to dodge a tiny, thin COVID vaccine needle.

Patriot soldiers in Middle East heat have had to wear cumbersome full face gas masks. Presently, some folks think it is patriotic to fuss about light weight face masks, in air conditioned buildings.Yes, I know schools may not have AC, but not needed most of school year in this climate.

Most elderly, like myself, and most medical folks I know were happy to get the COVID vaccine. This happened mostly in January to April.

In May and June, it seems many younger adults thought the virus was beaten and skipped the vaccine. Thirty thousand children were hospitalized due to COVID-19 in August in the U.S, according to Fox News, possibly due to not achieving herd immunity.

What kind of patriots expect the elderly and the medics to fight and win a conflict? What kind of patriots seem not to care about children getting hospitalized?

Gary Finger,



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