Pandemic not over

Dear Editor,

I do not have any answers for you. I do, however, believe that logic and common sense play a large part in life.

The number of COVID cases in Warren County has skyrocketed the past two months. Five hundred-plus just in September when we had barely any for the whole summer.

Then came the vaccinations and everybody felt they did not have to wear a mask any longer. Nobody really knows for sure.

I myself have worn a mask since March 2020. I am vaccinated and wear my mask. The Fourth of July, I saw barely a person with a mask on. The county fair was the same thing with thousands of people. The Sheffield festival, again, barely any masks. Then wham! Cases started rising and more have died.

So please, don’t wear a mask if you don’t want to, but think about everyone else.

If you see me with my mask on do not ask me why. This is real and is not going away if people are rude and insensitive.

Logic and common sense work but it is actually something you must be born with as it obviously cannot be taught. Your reasons of — I am not doing anything “they” tell me to or it is against my religion — for not wearing a mask or getting vaccinated is not good enough or logical. It is rebellious.

Having a health condition that actually makes the mask hard to wear is a totally different story. Please see what is happening and let’s take care of this.

Laurie Crossley,



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