County missing benefits

Dear Editor,

For years I have wondered why Pennsylvania and Warren Country local officials have not partnered with the Appalachian Regional Commission to reduce the county’s isolationism, spur economic development, and improve the county’s broadband and highway development system. You can see what ARC does by Googling it on the internet.

I never see any talk about the grants this federal agency offers rural Appalachian communities like Warren County.

Are local officials, Warren County elected officials and state officials aware of this agency and have they sought their help?

If you drive in southeastern Ohio and western West Virginia you will see the beautiful four-lane highways that ARC helped to build. These highways helped to bring jobs and development to this area. These highways help to bring jobs to the area because businesses have better access to major highways to ship goods.

Why has Warren County not taken advantage of a program that has existed since 1965?

Tom Taydus,

High Point, N.C.


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