Sign language

Dear Editor,

I would like to respond to the recent letter concerning signage. First of all, we all know the writer is referring to Trump signs as there aren’t any Biden signs around.

Second, I kind of doubt the businesses with Trump signs really care if she patronizes them or not.

Third, if the writer decides to take her business to Kane and travels there on Route 6, she’ll probably have to turn around when she gets about two miles from town, as she is going to see some huge Trump signs on some very respectable businesses.

Fourth, when she says “maybe some people” are alright with their second-graders learning to sling inappropriate words around, but most people are not. I suppose we can assume that the “some people” are those of us who support conservative values and ideas. You don’t have to be politically correct by referring to us as “some people,” go ahead and be like us, tell it like it is and refer to us as “Trump supporters.”

Fifth, if you think that visitors may think Warren looks tacky and backwater because of signs, you are probably right, if you’re referring to the stop sign, instead of a light, in the middle of the city’s “financial district”.

Sixth, if someone is having a problem selling a house because there is a Trump sign in the yard next door, maybe they could get even with that neighbor and rent it to some of the illegals that are flooding the country.

Last, I would like to know her views on the exit from Afghanistan. I’m sure she would blame it on Trump, President Joe Biden does. It would be nice if she would worry less about signage and maybe show some compassion for the 13 servicemen and women who were killed because of his incompetence.

To all the county veterans who served in Afghanistan, you did your job by protecting all of us and we’re very proud of each and every one of you.

Denny Orinko,



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