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Navigating COVID

Dear Editor,

I am writing in regard to the school mask mandate. I have heard a good many adults state that if they can wear them all day then so can the children.

I have a few questions for them. Are you sitting in an air conditioned area for most of the day or in a hot school bus and then a hot 80 plus degree classroom from 7 a.m. to 4 p.m.?

Do you have an infection from all of the sweat and moisture compounding your teenage acne that now requires a topical prescribed antibiotic?

Are you trying to battle ADHD while learning in an 80-plus-degree classroom?

I’m guessing that the response from some of you supporters of the school mask mandate may reply, well then homeschool your child. My reply would be that it is difficult to do when both parents are working and you have a child who has attention difficulties to stay on track with what is being taught online.

In regard to a medical excuse for my child, I have been told by her family physician’s office and dermatologist that there will be no doctor’s excuses for any reason. Is this what is best for my child? Absolutely not!

My interest is in doing what’s best for my child, not what’s going to make you feel safe, so please don’t treat parents that are against the mandate like we are uneducated and defiant.

We also have very valid reasons for our beliefs and science to back it up as well. Perhaps you need to be a bit more open minded and educate yourself.

And as for the rising numbers of COVID cases, I have first-hand knowledge of a friend who does live in Pennsylvania but not Warren County who a few weeks ago took two COVID tests even though this person was vaccinated. Both tests came back negative yet they marked on this person’s chart that they have COVID anyway! I’m supposed to trust the numbers?

I did indeed have COVID myself and I did get vaccinated, so yes I do believe that COVID is very real. What I don’t believe is that every illness is COVID. There are still other illnesses out there.

I do not blame our school district but I most certainly blame the tyrant that is the governor of our state. The world really has gone crazy!

Lisa Card,



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