Politics and pressures

Dear Editor,

By now everyone is well opinionated about the recent FDA approval of Big Pharma’s vaccines leading to mandates at all levels of society. Let us at least make informed decisions about the truth of what we are being required to inject into our bodies.

The truth is that we are not getting true vaccines and not getting genuinely vaccinated.

A true vaccine prevents disease completely. There are no cases of mild resurgences of polio or no pesky breakthrough cases of small pox. What has been proclaimed as a vaccine should realistically be classified as an experimental therapy.

The only immunity that has been developed regarding COVID-19 therapy is the ironclad legal immunity Big Pharma has been given by Big Government regarding any lawsuits that may come from unintended consequences of these multiple injections and their boosters. And as it seems now there is endless potential for more of the same.

Unfortunately, we are also experiencing the first consequence, intended or not, of these mandates.

It is the unprecedented power grab by the Democrats.

Now that the subjugation has begun it will be nearly impossible to get the genie back in the bottle.

Dennis Atwater,



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