No board compassion

Dear Editor,

The magic words are … appalled, incredulous, shocked? Pick one.

The statements attributed to Arthur Stewart and Paul Mangione at a recent emergency school board meeting imply that they are tired of the responsibilities of the office.

Stewart openly advised parents to lie to authorities, themselves, and their children when he stated, “The magic words the parent has to say is,’My child has a panic attack …'”

Nothing less than a slap in the face to any of those who suffer real panic attacks and a sad attitude to adopt because Mr. Stewart is tired of hearing complaints.

Mangione took a different tack in stating that, “All we talk about is this COVID nonsense. I’d like to get back to doing more about education.” This statement came after a parent spoke of losing one child to COVID and not wanting to lose another. So, yes Mr. Mangione, you educated us in your own distaste for the duties entrusted in you and you also may go.

Nonsense indeed, gentlemen.

Scott Robert Blume,



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