A need for responsibility

Dear Editor,

Over the summer, columnist Star Parker wrote a column headlined “Bogus claims from Poor People’s Campaign.” She took issue with the the stand on a mandated $15 per hour minimum wage, the filibuster and proposed expanded voting “rights.” She illustrated that their premises are flawed and can actually backfire on the disadvantaged.On voting,why is it so cruel to insist on “ID” and prevent fraud?

Parker emphasizes that the group has “nothing to say about the data connecting family breakdown and abortion to poverty.”

For many, several guidelines were an aid to avoiding poverty. First, get a solid education in a well-managed school system. It’s a foundation for entry-level jobs, an apprenticeship, military, trade school or college.

Second, don’t have children until you’re in a stable marriage.

Third, avoid crime and addiction. Personal responsibility matters!

I address three of the campaign’s numerous aims: returning the top bracket income tax to 39.6% and the corporate income tax to 28% and promoting weak borders. Sources include data from the IRS, the Tax Foundation and the Congressional Budget Office.

Even with Trump’s tax cuts, the top bracket was still paying 37%. That’s not high enough for the campaign, which wants 39.6%. The lowest income bracket pays 10% and generally gets it refunded.

In fact, the lowest quintile — 20% — averages a negative tax rate of -10.8%, getting back more than they paid in. This is due to the Earned Income Tax Credit and Child Credit. I’m not complaining.

They’re struggling. But it’s nonsense to claim that high earners don’t pay their “fair share.” In 2018, the top 10% paid 71% of all federal income tax. Many invest in job-creating businesses.

In October 2018, unemployment fell to the lowest rate since 1968. Trump’s corporate tax cut was a major cause. Low unemployment is a benefit to poor people.

We achieved energy independence, which meant plentiful, affordable energy. That’s also beneficial for the poor.

The campaign opposes some practices that brought energy independence. The PPC urges “suspension of all CBP and ICE enforcement” (Customs Border Patrol and Immigration Custom Enforcement). Translation? Open borders. Dangerous people could enter in even greater numbers, totally unvetted.

Poor neighborhoods would be especially vulnerable. This is reckless, on top of demanding social and public welfare for all who cross. This campaign has allies among certain naive clergy who wrongly equate secure borders with “xenophobia.”

Terry D. Hallock,



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