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Taxes bring harm

Dear Editor:

I want to address this to those who set and impose property taxes.

I know a lot of people who hate the month of August as that is when property bills come in. Those bills devastate a lot of people. It wipes out their savings or maybe they have no savings at all.

The first thing that needs to be done is to eliminate the words “property tax Increase.” With COVID, many people do not have the money.

If anything, this tax needs to be greatly reduced or eliminated totally. We need a tax holiday where no taxes all are imposed. Do this and see how many home improvements would go on.

Our tax people gripe because the tax base is dwindling. Have you seen all of the real estate transfers in the paper recently? Ironically you complain about the population decline when you are the ones that are causing it. You show no compassion or sympathy to the property owner as you keep imposing this “penalty for owning a home.”

That is exactly what it is.

If Warren Gives can generate more than $400,000 in a day, we should try the same strategy for raising money for property taxes. There are also other avenues for raising money. One big one is that there should be a tenant tax. They are all getting city services for free. If we are going to keep taxing property owners, then renters should also carry some of the load.

There are grants that can be applied for and several other fund raising ideas. Taxes can also be imposed on other things.

It is time that homeowners get a good break on this regressive tax. It is quite a poor system that penalizes people who own a house and further penalize them for making certain improvements.

You people who impose these taxes better wake up and realize that you are the cause of declining tax bases since you are the ones that are causing it.

It’s time we wake up.

Barry Keller,


Problems with pride

Dear Editor,

Recently there were two articles in the paper that I took a particular interest in. Both had to do with the “Warren County Pride Day Celebration.”

As a Christian I have my own opinion but I want to bypass it and look strictly at what the Word of the Lord says. To paraphrase the Bible, it teaches us, not to hate the sinner but hate the sin. “For all are unrighteous and fallen short of the Glory of God.”

Both of the articles had pictures or banners displaying the word Love. Sadly, in today’s society we use the word love metaphorically or inappropriately a good deal of the time. The Bible says, “Love, rejoiceth not in iniquity, but rejoiceth in the truth.” If one really wanted to express” True Love” to those practicing, believing in or supporting the iniquity of the lifestyle being celebrated on Warren County Pride Day they would act as a watchman and warn them of the eternal consequences of their actions.

The rainbow has been long adopted as the main symbol of the gay community; I wonder how many (even in the church) know what its true meaning is. The Bible says God put the rainbow in the sky as a sign of His covenant with man that He would never flood the earth again. The Bible also tells us it surrounds His Throne in Heaven. The Bible says, “Be not deceived; God is not mocked: for whatsoever a man soweth, that shall he also reap. “ Is God being mocked by those using His sign of a Covenant with man (Rainbow) as a symbol for a practice of iniquity?

James A Gillette Jr.,


Barr’s disservice

Dear Editor,

Well, Bill Barr has now come out saying former President Donald Trump’s bogus voting fraud claims were total … – how nice. This guy sat in the Oval Office, the whole time, saying nothing to the nation.

He’s a hero to the Democrats, and rightly so, since he now chooses to say what’s been on his mind the whole time. This isn’t some person writing to their local newspaper’s letter to the editor column or a brother-in-law sending you an email. This is the chief justice of the United States.

Honestly, I’d be in favor of charging the guy. His silence has misled the entire nation’s population, to both democrats and republicans alike, simply by doing and saying nothing while comfortably just sitting there in the Oval Office. I think he’s done a real disservice to the country.

He should only have had two options: say something to the nation or leave the administration. He took neither. There should be no third option to Americans who put their full trust in his honesty.

He’s not like someone in a machine shop who disagrees with his boss but keeps quiet to pay his bills and feed his family. This guy would “land-on-his-feet” no matter what happened. Trust me. These guys have nest-eggs the common man only dreams about!

Dennis Corey,



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