Property taxes need to be drastically reduced

Dear Editor:

I wanted to write this as a followup to my previous letter on property taxes. Did everyone notice the huge amount of properties listed in the paper for non payment of taxes? I hope our taxing bodies noticed that but it will no doubt do any good. They are the ones that caused many of these properties to be listed there. But they will probably have no guilt feelings at all and will no doubt not extend any benefits to our citizens, and will just let the tax notices go out no matter what. How heartless these people are as they are hurting a lot of people.

I think that city council should rescind the “tax increase” (curse words) that they imposed on our citizens. The mayor is responsible for his staff doing that. It is like the president of the United States- he is responsible for what goes on during his watch. He and is council are certainly not citizen or business friendly. From a business standpoint, a lot of them have told me that this council hurt them badly when they imposed a $15 parking fine. That is very excessive and hurtful to our local businesses. A $5 fine would make more sense.

Our citizens are supposed to live within our means but those in authority and the taxing bodies do not do the same. It is about time they do.

We need to get this mayor and those that sided with him out of office. I do not blame the whole council as there are some of them that do vote in favor of citizens and businesses.

In conclusion, just watch them send out the tax notices, not caring how much they are hurting people. We need to have more citizen protest over this issue. Taxes need to be drastically reduced (at least by 50%). What about senior citizen discounts? You taxing people have no mercy at all for the citizens of our county. Most of you can probably afford these outlandish taxes so you could care less. Get your tax notice in the mail and prove my point.


Barry Keller



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