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Dear Editor,

As a faithful and involved voter in Pennsylvania, it is very discouraging to read a feature from Harrisburg about a 149 page bill on potential election “reform” legislation with no mention of the bill number — HB 1300

How might a citizen inform their legislator that they oppose HB 1300 without a bill number to reference from an article?

If you oppose reducing the registration deadline from 15 to 30 days before an election, narrowing the time for mail-in ballot requests to 15 days before election day, mail-in ballot drop boxes available only seven days before election day and monitored by inspectors from both parties, unworkable audit functions post election, and requiring expanded ID in-person at the polls and mailed in with ballots-upending the ballot secrecy of Commonwealth voters tell Kathy Rapp or your PA House member to oppose HB 1300.

This piece of proposed PA legislation — HB 1300 — is in consort with Republican initiatives across the nation continuing the big lie, when 2020 was the most secure election ever in PA and the USA.


Karen Davis



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