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Dear Editor,

Congratulations Warren officials, both elected and non-elected, for your taxpayer first stance on EMS response.

This is a microcosm of what should be happening statewide and nationally. We have persons that can and should rely on themselves. If they do not, they are responsible for their inaction.

It is not up to the Warren taxpayer to provide outliers what they are capable of but unwilling to provide themselves. Some fled city taxes by moving to the outlying townships or originally chose not to live in the city for the lower tax rates and lesser regulations elsewhere.

We see this on a larger scale as New York and California are bleeding residents to lower tax, less regulated, and more desirable areas. The tax base in Warren is declining for lack of jobs. We the remaining taxpayers cannot afford to support those that choose to ignore the law requiring them to do their fair share, whether that be locally the EMS Act or nationally illegal immigration.

Daniel Reiff,



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