Points to ponder

Dear Editor,

1. To launch a boat, kayak or fish on the Allegheny Reservoir boat launches you have to pay $5 per day or a yearly permit for $50. Why?

2. To camp at the campgrounds on the Allegheny Reservoir you have to pay a daily or weekly camping fee. Why?

3. To ride a bicycle on the bike trails at Jakes Rocks you can ride free. Why? The last I knew Jakes Rocks is still in the A.N.F. or does the W.C.C.B.I. own it?

Is this a case of discrimination against the boat users and campers?

4. Has anyone ever seen a robin eat at a bird feeder, why?

5. Now that you can ride a bicycle down the traffic lanes in the city of Warren, do the bicycles have to be licensed, registered and insured? Automobiles do.

6. Why do dogs have to have licenses and cats do not? There are more stray cats running around than stray dogs.

7. When you have chocolate or ice cream in the hot sun they melt, why? When you bake them or deep fry them at 350 degrees to 450 degrees they do not. Why?

James Seder,



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