Blurring the lines

Dear Editor,

Recently I read about this athlete “Hannah” Mouncey who now competes with women in Australian rules football. When we guys wrestled on the playground at recess time at the Starbrick school we had a name for those who could not cut it with the guys and went to play with the girls.

It starts with the letter “s” and ends in “y” and it was not all that complimentary.

What is happening in women’s sports today: bicycling (Rachel McKinnon) , track (Cece Telfer), etc. would be hilarious if it were not so unfair to the women who compete fairly. What is the matter with our culture today that those who are in charge of women’s sports cannot see how completely unfair it is?

Are they so blind that they cannot see the difference between a male and a female?

Or are they too cowardly to stand up against those who are trying to push this laughable pretension over on us?

I ask our sports leaders to come to their senses and l ask us as a culture to extend peer pressure to shame those who cannot cut it with the men so they play with the girls.

I look at the fathers, husbands and boyfriends of the women who compete fairly, woman to woman, and ask them. What are you going to do about these who pretend to be females? Will you defend your daughters, girlfriends and wives? “Are you going to be a man or a mouse?” Squeak up!

Stephen Rieder,



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