Morning in America

Dear Editor:

At the instant it is mourning. If it can happen, it will happen. At the moment no one knows the point of inflection when it occurs, but it does.

What will happen, by year end, 2021, Joe Biden, et al. will be removed from offices. One knows such to be true via three levels of critical path, to be good enough, not just good.

Level I. A case for so doing exists. At best, media, “election irregularities.” Facts: suppressed overwhelming voter/election fraud, Joe Biden and company are not legitimate.

Level II. A platform insurmountable for its removal. Said instrument, on or about 1 April 21, courtesy Mike Lindell, My Pillow Guy. Following such entry Mike will be flooding, worldwide, indisputable, unimpeachable evidence, others joining.

At hand, Maracopa County, AZ, has prevailed to audit 200,000 hard-copy ballots. Fulton County, GA, has achieved power to audit 150,000 mail-in ballots. Revealing fraud, will give Trump, David Perdue, Republicans the U.S. Senate. A host of other patriots for true traditional American values doing yoman’s work.

Level III. Post trial exoneration. President Donald J. Trump was found guilty, 3 November 20, of not winning. If Mike Pence, et al. had done their jobs 6 January 21, Trump would be president, not Biden. The above two levels when gushing forth like a Niagara, said first-time, presentment evidence will become a tectonic shift in earthquake, political momentum whereas Supreme Court will be without excuse to exonerate in ruling. No place for anyone to hide, President Trump a second term. Do your parts as your own agents, call respective reps.

So, to be good, or not?

John L. Erickson,



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