Dangerous path

Dear Editor,

As we watch this debacle on the border and the other blunders in Washington less than 100 days into the administration, I wonder how many President Joe Biden voters have changed their minds about “Mr. Nice Guy?” He changed the immigration laws, not because of their ineffectiveness, but because the laws had the Trump stamp on them. He didn’t think of the repercussions, and with nothing to replace them, we now have total chaos.

He won’t accept responsibility for this fiasco and own up to the fact that what he did was wrong. Is Biden just bidin’ his time probably hoping it just goes away?

Is he allowing this carnage for the votes he hopes the Dems will receive down the road? Isn’t that just pathetic: playing with human lives for the power vote!

The Dems talk about humanity, but what we see is cruelty and inhumanity for the immigrants, especially minor children that are coming into the country, and the citizens that already live here. Considering the illegal entry status these immigrants have, it’s a poor start to a new life in another country. By the way, where is the humanity in their stance on abortion?

The federal government has no business getting involved in the voting process; if the Dems are able to take voting laws to a national level, the corruption seen in the last election will pale to what we’ll see in the future. One example of that corruption was the last minute changing of rules by Gov. Tom Wolf.

The Dems want power at the country’s expense and will try to claim it no matter who or what gets in the way of reaching that end. Court packing, which is their latest ploy, is just another means of achieving their ambitions.

Why are so many citizens not seeing how badly the left is taking this country? It’s probably because they don’t want to know, or the sources they choose to follow are not telling the truth about the seriousness of the country’s path to socialism.

Georgia’s governor is getting flak from many sides because he is doing what all the other states need to do, which is to allow the state legislatures to follow the Constitution by writing the voting laws they want to enact. It’s too bad that Biden has no clue about what he speaks; lies and innuendos are constantly being spewed with no idea where the truth lies, again by the media as well as so-called leaders.

Donald Trump may have come across as loud and arrogant, but he got things done that were good for the country; Biden’s actions show just the opposite. Biden is a wolf in sheep’s clothing: harmless looking on the outside but harboring devious intentions on the inside.

Looking at his potential legacy, we see a president who is leading this country to a new level–the cellar on the world stage; It’s not a placement where we should be found.

Norma Bankoske,



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