Wrong direction

Dear Editor,

Instead of working hard to free us from the ineffective, ruinous and deadly covid lock-downs, the Transportation Committee is feverishly working to tax every motorist with House Bill 606, RADAR for municipal police, while keeping Pennsylvania’s roads dangerous. RADAR will not make roads safer. RADAR will only allow local governments to fleece safe drivers. Properly set speed limits, posted at 85th percentile speeds, will make the roads safer for free.

But since there is no money in it for the government, it won’t be done.

Speeding tickets are a multi-billion dollar annual business for state governments. To justify RADAR a fake “crisis” of maniac speeders is made up.

Out of 2,700,000 accidents recorded in 25 states over a year, only 1.6% were caused by drivers who exceeded the posted limit. The figures come from an analysis of annual state reports by the National Highway Transportation Agency (NHTSA).

Since there is no speeding crisis, why the push to arm municipal police with RADAR? M-O-N-E-Y.

The fact is, most motorists choose a speed which they feel is safe.

Eighty-five percent of motorists travel the “prevailing speed.”

Prevailing speed is the major consideration when setting speed limits. Why? Because it is the safest.

Pennsylvania’s posted speed limits are 8 to 16 mph below the prevailing speed 90% of the time (FHwA data), making almost everybody a “speeder.” Municipal police will use RADAR to ticket these people who are doing nothing harmful and endangering no one.

Tell your representative to vote “no” on HB 606.

Tom McCarey,


National Motorists Association member


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