Unsurprising start

Dear Editor,

Hmmm? Definitely not surprising at all! Not to the unclouded mind any how.

More than one month in office and the president has already managed to eliminate 15,000-plus jobs, proposed taking $2.5 trillion from the US military and investing it into Syria, China, lran, Pakistan etc.

Also, all of the mocking he is doing of President Trump like signing executive orders putting travel bans on other countries due to COVID-19. Remember when Trump did it? He was labeled as a racist, xenophobe, and a fascist by the very person that is now banning these countries!

Opened the southern border and created a crisis like never seen before! Wonder who is going to pay for this disaster? Gas prices are up 65 cents since Jan. 20 with no sign of decline in the near future! (and yes, it is due to the closure oi the pipeline). Mr. President why have you not ad

dressed the very nation that you think you are able to lead? ls it because Nancy Pelosi and Kamala Harris have not allowed you to do so yet? If you want to lead us then do it but if this is your best performance then get the hell out of the way!

Wake up people! Your freedoms and your country are fading away right in front of your severely clouded mind! Great start. Way to put everyone else first and us, We the People, last.

Brian Fajbik,



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