U.S. falling behind

Dear Editor,

America’s Constitution used to help ensure that we were the land of fair play. One team of players in the game, however, has gained the upper hand.

Instead of playing fairly, they have decided to break the rules with such bills as H.R. 1 (For the People Act) and S. 51 (Washington, D.C., Admission Act), practically guaranteeing that the other team will never experience another win, and the league will never see another fair game played out again.

How have the fans of our League done in ensuring fair play? I can only speak for myself. Because of my own disregard for my role in the game, I let the pros play without watching to make sure they were following the rules.

Too often, I only passively supported those who were fighting for important issues that would help uphold the integrity of the league.

Now, it seems futile for me to cry out in protest from the stands when our leaders begin to exceed their constitutional boundaries or when integrity is compromised to the point that innocent children’s books are banned while immoral sexual acts played out on the stage of award shows are applauded.

When all things are considered, my choice to barely tune in from the comfort of my life made me one of the worse participants in the game.

We now find ourselves in the bottom of the ninth, and we are all losing the game. If we don’t unite to uphold the importance of playing by the long-established rules of the League and return to the godly values that made the league great, the lights of Freedom Stadium are going to go out forever.

If that happens, not only will America be covered in darkness, but the whole world will be hard pressed to find a land of fair play ever again.

Sherry Hepler,

Sugar Grove


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