Good neighbors here

Dear Editor:

It is with deepest regret having to write this letter but for the circumstances at 610 Fourth Ave.

However, it is also with the greatest honor, pride and respect and our deepest, heartfelt thanks to all who helped us during and after the fire.

Had it not been for the smoke detector waking my wife up and her getting me up, it would have been a lot worse. Using the fire extinguisher did not put the fire out, however it did keep it down a lot. The fire department was really fast.

For everyone, let it be a reminder – that both a fire and smoke detector could also save your life someday. Again, special thank you to Billy, Matigan, Warren Police and Fire Departments, EMS, VA, Red Cross and our landlords and Kalema and anyone I may have left out.

Thank you always,

Allen and Sue Hayward,



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