Failure in D.C.

Dear Editor,

Donald J. Trump, the former oval office day care center occupant, escaped his second impeachment conviction.

There will be a future judgment without political implications beyond his selfish control. When our military women and men go to combat they know that their sacred lives may be given for our democracy.

Where were some 43 GOP senators who had the same commitment to our hallowed democracy by sworn oath to our country? They failed not only themselves but the majority of us. They decided that their political future was more important than a direct threat to our democracy by one Donald John Trump.

Further, some had the fortitude to denounce Trump only after a negative vote.

Wow! Such courage. Trump was fortunate that we do not have term limits or a secret ballot. The vote may have resulted in a conviction.

Given the same set of undisputed facts the framers of our Constitution may have found Trump guilty of an insurrection, no less possible treason, and the fate associated with it. They respected our new democracy, and did not neglect it. Voters and elected representatives take note.

M.J. Shanshala,



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