A scary start

Dear Editor,

We are on the slippery slope to socialism. Donald Trump tried to drain the government “swamp,” but the Democrats and media were bent on destroying him from day one and with the recent election kept the swamp intact.

So much has been said and done by these leaders to keep their jobs at the cost of their integrity; even trying to impeach Trump a second time showed how little the left cares for this country and its problems; their main concern has always been the denigration of Donald Trump, and not what benefits the U.S. and its citizens.

A synonym for swamp is quagmire: a hazardous situation. We see that President Joe Biden, being led by the stronger members of his party, isn’t able to discern what is best for the country. Sen. Bernie Sanders admitted on television that they would be pushing him to follow the left’s agenda. Biden doesn’t appear to have the ability to withstand such coercion or anything placed before him. In a recent forum he mentioned there was no vaccine before he took office. What was he given in December, weeks before his inauguration? I guess it must have been the “non-existent” vaccine.

On his first day Biden signed an executive order which immediately took jobs from Americans that need them now more than ever. We certainly won’t be energy independent, but once again will be dependent on foreign oil with our citizens paying higher prices at the pump and home heating! His unity is just rhetoric to make himself sound convincing to the country. His policy on immigration will have many illegal immigrants swarming to this country bringing chaos, possibly COVID, drug related crime, and loss of jobs for more Americans. Financing for this group will most likely come from us, the taxpayers.

We have a tough two years until mid-term elections in 2022, and possibly more turmoil until the next presidential election in 2024. As it is, we keep sliding more and more into the abyss of socialism under the guise of the left’s definition of “democracy.”

Norma Bankoske,



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