A massive overflow

Dear Editor,

I’m amazed how politicians, with the “stroke of a pen,” can open the southern border to such an influx of new immigrants. Some say there are already 12 million in the country and others say it’s underestimated and closer to 20 million.

In all fairness, it’s not just one politician doing this as it appears their whole political party – save a few — is in favor of opening the southern border for humanitarian reasons, always an admirable endeavor.

These numbers don’t account for those coming over now and it’s anyone’s guess when, or if, it will stop or even be controlled. Some have indicated that Saudis, Europeans and Chinese have even been found within those now crossing.

So, what does 12 million immigrants look like? If they were all standing in a line, front to back – giving each one 12 inches thick of space to stand in – the line would stretch 90 percent of the distance, in air miles, from New York City to San Francisco.

If the number were 20 million, the line would stretch, in air miles, from New York City to San Francisco and half way back again.

Looking at this from another aspect, they’ve created another state the size of Illinois where the population is just over 12 million or potentially another New York state where the population is near 20 million. Do you think there is any criminal behavior in the states of Illinois or New York?

Dennis Corey,



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