Praise for a president

Dear Editor,

Impeach former President Donald Trump? Here we go again. What a waste and loss of our tax money. But when the money is not your own but comes from someone else, no problem. There seems to be no limit to what hatred will cause some people to do.

May I express my gratitude to Mr. Trump? He is pro-life, pro-religious freedom, pro Israel, pro constitutional and smaller government, pro law enforcement, pro conservative judges, pro “drain the swamp,” pro blue collar worker, so “get a job and earn a living,” pro demonstrate peacefully (in spite of what the media would have people believe) and “pro come into our country legally!”

Thank you, Mr. Trump, you are a real hero and l’m proud of you! No, you are not a smooth talking politician. Instead you speak street language in order to be understood. They could not control you, so they hate you and do all they can to destroy you. Reminds me a bit of Someone who was crucified long, long ago. Bravo! May your kind increase.

Alas, our nation now veers to the left toward socialism. Partly by design of those who want to be permanently in control and partly because so many people do not know the dangers of socialism having never experienced it. If only they could have lived in a socialistic nation for 14 years like l have, they would never ever support socialism.

l read and hear people use words like truth, fairness, tolerance, impartiality, freedom, transparency, integrity, purity, marriage, but l discover their dictionary is different than the one on my desk. To use a word with a good meaning to cover something else, is this not being deceitful?

The one good l see ahead is that the darker the night we are veering into, the brighter the light of righteousness can shine. May all who hold truth high reflect the light of our King, and may He return soon.

Warren Times Observer, thank you for allowing freedom of speech and of the press. Bravo to you!

Stephen Rieder,



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