Not my America

Dear Editor,

Has America bankrupted its moral and legal values?

More than one month ago the United States and the world witnessed the unthinkable on Jan. 6, when the National Capitol was invaded by a violent mob of insurrectionists intent on overthrowing our government; even to arrest or do whatever to our elected representatives, all the while vandalizing the building. These vandals carried various derogatory signs, even the American flag with Jesus emblazoned on it.

Some signs read, “Hang Pence.” Some even carried the cross to probably imply divine approval for their unconscionable acts. Have some Americans lost their legal and moral values? And this was happening in the “shining city on the hill” — our American Capitol!

When I witnessed these deplorable, disgraceful insurrectionists it brought emotions of disbelief, shame, and even sorrow and disgust! These destroying vandals were not what the majority of Americans are — they are a minority that have lost their moral compass. But then if you are told lie after lie often enough people will eventually believe …. as Voltaire once said, “If someone can make you believe absurdities then you’ll be capable to do atrocities.”

We Americans must not allow ourselves to fall victim to so many lies and absurdities that assault our principles of justice and general welfare for all.

We are better and smarter than that.

Henry Kutschke,

Sugar Grove


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