Input from home

Dear Editor,

With so much discussion with the city and what we can do to entice people to visit, I feel we lose something in this mindset. How can a city expect people to want to visit our quaint little town when many citizens are trying to escape it?

I feel catering to outsiders doesn’t solve the cities issues. We need an actual solution that start from within.

One of the most common ideas floated by the city, from what I have seen, is the hotel near Breeze Point Park. Several times, over and over, has this very idea proven to be hugely unpopular. Currently as the city is, I do not see a need for a hotel. But do you know what I see is needed? A city who values input of what their citizens want.

Recently, within the last few years, I received in the mail a survey in regard to the parks and recreation of the city. This was a marvelous idea. I would like to see more of this thing in our community.

Overall, I feel the best way to bring people to Warren is to make it first a place its own people would like to be. Then once you can do that then worry about the others.

James Hettenbaugh,



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