Alarming numbers

Dear Editor,

On Nov. 1, Warren County had 74 positive cases and there had only been a couple confirmed deaths since the beginning of the pandemic. By Nov. 16, there were 111 new cases which was almost 40 in 16 days.

Sadly, people still think this is not real and a joke. Well on Jan. 20, since the start of the year, Warren County has had 398 new confirmed cases and 47 deaths. That is an average of 20 cases per day over 20 days!

Every day in the obituaries there are at least two people I know and some say, “Complications due to COVID-19!” I have noticed however that the majority of the deaths are men.

Anyway, what I am putting out there is that this is real, please keep me safe, even if you don’t want to be.

I am not by any means saying this is all accurate, but COVID-19 is here and it is real. The numbers don’t lie.

Laurie Crossley,



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