A loss of balance

Dear Editor,

With the 2020 Presidential election wrapped up and the mob accusing President Donald J. Trump of attempting to overturn the will of the people, I ponder on the last four years of his Presidency. The outcries, where were they during or after Russia Gate, while Hillary Clinton, the DNC, FBI and the deep state sought and attempted a coup d’etat of a sitting President.

The establishment and media were silent. The very things they accused our president of they themselves were engaged in. Words spoken by anonymous sources were and are to be taken as truths. Silence during the impeachment attempt by Nancy Pelosi and her merry band of Democratic cronies to our duly elected President in another attempt at disenfranchising millions of us deplorables.

Let’s look at some facts for a moment here. A study done by the nonpartisan Harvard Kennedy Schools Shorenstein Center on Media, Politics and Public Policy issued a comprehensive analysis of news coverage by the mainstream medias six of the seven U.S. outlets on May 18, 2017. In the study – CBS, NBC, New York Times, CNN, Washington Post and the Wall Street Journal were unrelenting, CNN and NBC being the worst. Negative stories about Trump out-paced positive ones by 13 to 1 on the two networks. Trump’s coverage on CBS also exceeded the 90% (negative) mark. The President’s coverage exceeded the 80% level in the New York Times at 87% negative and the Washington Post 83% negative. The Wall Street Journal came in below that level at 70% negative largely due to their more favorable economic coverage. Fox News was the only outlet where coverage nearly crept into positive territory where 52% of Fox’s reports were negative, while 48% were positive.

Let’s take a moment here and go over a few of the many self-proclaimed journalist truth seekers. The mainstream not just acting as an extension of the Democratic party but have become. Surely if not for government to control the press, they are not capable of policing themselves (media). We must not forget we are not just observers, we are the citizenry. When the media functions as a propaganda tool for a single political party and ideology, they not only destroy their own purpose but threaten the existence of a free republic.

Journalism’s number one obligation is to the truth, loyalty to its citizenry. They must maintain an independence from those they cover, serve as an independent monitor of power, keep news comprehensive and in proportion. They are to provide a forum for public criticism and compromise. Its essence as a discipline of verification. We the citizens, too, have rights and responsibilities when it comes to news. America’s early patriot press was started for these reasons, to keep the institutions of government honest. Today’s media have become an extension and cover for said government.

Are we to forget our founding principles a Nation of God with a vigorous, productive, healthy, and happy individual and well functioning civil society and republic? America’s history, good or bad, that we are a Nation of oppression and must fundamentally change, pitting Americans against one another.

The masses of citizenry slightly following or who don’t follow politics — only processing fragments of news coverage on T.V., social media, internet or newspaper, with punchlines and gravitating headlines are being bamboozled.

I don’t believe Trump really knew how deep the swamp was until he got to Washington.

Trump achieved more in his first year of his first term than Barack Obama did in two terms and Joe Biden in 40-plus years of bureaucratic entrenchment. Anything other than a vote for Trump this election was a vote for big government. We got a taste of their untethered power this last year with the arise of Covid-19. A dry run for future events.

Away with our Constitution — it must be be constrained for it is obsolete. Government doesn’t free us — it confines us. Our freedoms were endowed to us by our creator, our Constitution and the Supreme Court to keep said government in check from tyranny, tyrannical powers.

I want to be optimistic with Biden leading our nation, but I’m very conflicted. Not really as I’ve already read this book. Climate change check government can fix that, Paris climate accord, nuclear Iran deal. Endless wars here we come. Fair & Free suspect ….

Steven Anthony Germonto,



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