U.S. ‘sadness’ from 2020

Dear Editor,

Happiness and sadness occur every year. In 2020, due to the virus, happiness was compromised and sadness deepened.

About half of us are unhappy with the election. I, and others, have stated correct reasons for our concerns.

Before that George Floyd was brutally murdered by former policeman Derek Chauvin. Chuavin faces trial soon and should pay dearly. Floyd’s murder was the “spark” that set off three irrational responses.

First came the riots. Rioters committed assaults, trespassing, arson, obstruction of passage and vandalism. They’d say it’s “justice for Floyd.”

Nonsense! It was injustice to the innocent! They willingly damaged an economy already wounded by the virus from Wuhan. The false courage of rioters comes from outnumbering victims and from knowing that “progressive” city officials would appease them.

Second was the “defund the police’ movement, which is illogical and dangerous. Rational people know that Chauvin was a horrible exception. This movement slanders the worthy officers who reliably “protect and serve.” Here’s a question for a naive “idealist” with a “defund the police” sign. If your sister is abused or you’re mugged or your car is stolen, who will you call?

Think a little.

Third are the guilt trips. Non-racist whites are urged to admit they really are racists. An internet prayer states that, as whites, we are complicit in the racism resulting in Floyd’s death. A pledge suggested from one denomination urges repentance because “actively or passively” we are racists.

Activities are assigned to help us shed “white privilege.” We resent such blanket generalizations.Our pledge is to treat all as equals, expecting civility on all sides. There are racists in most demographics, not just whites. It’s always wrong.

In late December, Nancy Pelosi and company presented a “pork-loaded” virus relief bill. One example, among many, was funding for “gender programs” in Pakistan! Such “pork” does nothing for struggling Americans. It adds to national debt already swollen by effects of the virus.

Together with unrealistic “progressive” plans, insistence on ‘pork’ is sociopathic indifference to American economic health.Today’s dangerous “cult” is the collection of socialist leaning groups and elected officials pressuring a compromised Joe Biden.

Terry D. Hallock,



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