‘Traitors’ did damage

Dear Editor,

Enough! President Trump supporters, this is on you.

If you have urged those who defiled the seat of our government, accomplishing nothing but damage and horror, this is on you. These aren’t patriots; they’re traitors.

The world is appalled at what we have done to ourselves.

If you have attended Trump rallies and cheered him on in his wink-wink, nudge-nudge encouragement of racism and violence, this is on you. And don’t say “He never said that”; he has left streaks of such talk in almost every speech since he came down that escalator.

If you have supported national, state and local government figures who go along with Trump even as they fear and despise him, this is on you. You get those you deserve.

If you have donated to Trump’s “campaign to uncover election fraud” with funds much of which will go straight into the Trump family coffers, this is on you. You have supported him long enough.

If you have swallowed every lie about election fraud, in the complete absence of evidence and the scorn of numerous reputable courts (including some Trump appointees) as to flimsy unfounded accusations, this is on you. Remember our legal system, which requires actual evidence for credible accusations of crime? Trump lost. Get over it.

If you have taken to your hearts every whacko notion about pedophile politicians, and a mystery Hunter Biden laptop, and how Democrats want communism, and the rest of that silly list, which you believe just because someone said it on Facebook, this is on you. Use some common sense, for heaven’s sake.

We need a calm, functional, balanced two-party system. Any more Trumpism will destroy us.

Dr. Karen L. Black,



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