Thinking outside box

Dear Editor,

I’ve spent the last four years closely observing the Trump cult. It is obvious to myself and most rational folks that Donald J. Trump is the worst-case scenario that has ever been foisted on our nation. We are now in the process of a drastic do-over to correct the most egregious harms inflicted on our now floundering nation. We are a resilient nation and we will rise again if we can end this Trump nightmare soon.

In our current state of affairs, we need a quick resolution with what to do with old Donald Trump. Unfortunately, we still have a large portion of our population who are as unhinged and delusional as Trump himself.

I would suggest that to spare our nation any further harm and unnecessary time and expense, and further conflict among us. We make a one-time offer to Trump and his family, and any of his close associates (grifters); who believe “The Donald” has been treated unfairly. We will forgo any prosecution of “The Donald” for any of the many tawdry and often illegal actions against our Democratic nation.

Trump and his family would have to give up their passports and forever be banned for re-entry to our nation. Trump has always admired the more authoritarian nations of the Mideast nations, even Israel and most certainly Russia, where Trump fawned on Putin for four years.

Most of these nations would likely look favorably on Trump, who would bring the $250 million Trump recently purloined from his delusional following and millions more that will eventually come to light. Trump can afford to build another Tower wherever he settles, a luxurious 36 hole golf resort where he could live out his remaining years in comfort and style. He can build his own personal McDonald’s. Trump would have the ideal place to host and bilk his many loyal followers, who will likely flock to Trump’s resort to pay homage.

This arrangement would also spare us millions we’re currently forking out for Secret Service protection and millions more for golf cart rentals. This is a win-win situation for U.S. taxpayers.

Most of these nations would likely accept Trump with open arms for the charm he exudes at every turn. This is a solution to our hopeless problem and a great block-buster HBO movie as well.

Craig Tidrick,



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