Shoe’s on other foot

Dear Editor,

A blanket often brings a warm and fuzzy image to our minds. Lately, however, there is a blanket that, instead of bringing warmth, is leaving those it covers chilled to the bone. A blanket of evil oppression is quickly covering our land and is threatening to crush millions of our country’s citizens.

Within seven days of leaving office, all of the House Democrats and 10 of its Republicans have very quickly and successfully impeached President Donald Trump, with no evidence to support the charge of incitement of insurrection that has been brought against him.

What is different about this latest attack on the president, however, is that his supporters’ rights as citizens are now under attack. Big Tech is trying to silence them and has waged war on their right to free speech. A PBS lawyer was fired for his talk of re-education camps for the children of Republicans. Companies are pulling political contributions from elected officials who were exercising their constitutional right to challenge the Electoral College vote.

During the last four years, we have witnessed one attack after another on our president. After the vote for the first impeachment, President Trump tweeted an image of the following phrase, “In reality, they are not after me. They’re after you. I’m just in the way.”

Now, Trump is no longer be “in the way.” What is still in the way, however, are all of his supporters. Over this past week, we have seen that the evil is now turning its focus from Trump to his supporters, and the agenda of the Biden administration and many who support it does not seem to be unity but rather appears to be persecution of anyone who does not align with their ideology. Chilling.

Sherry Hepler,

Sugar Grove


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