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Dear Editor,

When the news broke about New York Gov. Andrew Cuomo been placing people with the virus into nursing homes, I placed a subscription to the newspaper thinking I’d read about these terrible events. But not a peep of it appeared in the paper — even after Cuomo admitted it, saying the CDC told him to do it! That only after the families were bringing a lawsuit against him. No wonder so many died in New York nrsing homes!

I waited again read about when the Hunter Biden laptop scandal broke who before the election. Remember the one the FBI sat on in silence for two years, showing the Biden family had a connection to China. Again not a word in the paper.

Last but sure not the least — this so-called election! What a joke we are — rigged machines, flipping votes, thousands of dead voting, votes scanned many times, (much on video), blocking out poll watchers. We’ve become just another banana republic!

Why hasn’t any article appeared from Kathy Rapp or Mike Kelly, or anything about the senate hearings on the subject?

Why does everyone who writes in the Readers Speak column keep calling us a democracy? Haven’t they ever said the Pledge of Allegiance to the flag. I Pledge Allegiance to the Flag, and to the Republic — not democracy.

Teddy Sudul,



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